Hi! I'm Simon

I'm an 18-year-old robotic engineering student deeply passionate about electronics and programming. Embarking on my maker journey at the age of 13 led me into learning Arduino, 3D printing, and coding, with Python remaining my language of choice. As the transition from 2022 to 2023 unfolded, I delved into the incredible world of PCB design and ended up designing one for my classmate's project. All of these skills and an unstoppable desire for improvement will be essential for my greatest project yet: my own company - ANUlab. At the moment, it's nothing particularly impressive, but if everything proceeds as intended, I'm going to start designing ANUlab's first product soon.

Some of my favorite projects:


Obsium Cyberdeck

Obsium is a cyberdeck that I created as a replacement for modern laptops. Yes it's not as powerful and it's bulkt but none comercial laptop could have the exact featrues i needed. And obsium is as repairable as possible.


Otsi Cyberpet

Otsi is a winning design for Cyberdeck Cafe's 2024 cyberpet contest. It's a cyber axolotl that has to be taken care of but it also packs a lot of features for every day use.